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Flocculants Series

Designed for water shut-off (WSO), production profile control and polymer flooding
Urban sewage treatment Designed for urban sewage water treatment plant Dewatering agents, including cationic and zwitterionic polyacrylamide, are available for the treatment of biochemical sludge at
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Paper Chemicals

Fracking flowback treatment
SAGD Lime Sludge
OST445 Series

Oilfield Chemicals

Coagulant series

Other industrial and domestic wastewater treatment

Since our inception, Greatwin Industrial (Canada) Ltd. has been fully focusing on the recycling treatment of industrial waste water. 
Greatwin Industrial Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise focused on organic polymer flocculants scientific research, development, application and production practices. In China, we have a ​​20,000 square meters modern factory, with credentials from ISO9001 Quality Management Systems.

Oilfield Chemicals
Tailings flocculation of various minerals after production
Water purification of the waste from all sectors of oil production
Fracking water additives and fracking flowback fluid treatment
Chemicals for polymer flooding and EOR operations

Other Industrial applications

Retention, drainage and waste water flocculation in paper industry
Maintenance and sustain of water, fertilizer and pesticides in crops in agricultural production
Research, development and application of water soluble polymers and cross linked polymers in emerging field

We have a professional research and collaboration team that serves the following areas:

Under the same leadership, Greatwin (Canada) Ltd. was founded in 2011 by the original team. Since inception, we fully focus on the wastewater treatment for the Oil and Gas Industry in North America. A variety of products are developed for the flocculation need in the treatment of oilsand tailings and fracking flowbacks.