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Starting from 2017, the latest national emission standards for "Sixth National" will be implemented

From 2017 onwards, China will implement the latest emission standards known as "National Six." This standard is equivalent to the world’s most stringent environmental protection standard “Euro 6” implemented in Europe in 2015. Substances such as nitrogen oxides (NOX) and particulate matter (PM) will be significantly reduced compared with the current "National IV" standard.
The details of the new standards being drafted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China will be released during the year. It will take the lead from Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities and will gradually promote it to the whole country after 2018. Previously plans to implement new standards around 2020. In the first half of 2017, we plan to expand the “State 5,” which is equivalent to Europe’s previous generation standard “Euro 5”, to rural areas, etc., and go hand in hand with the “National Six” standard that major cities have taken the lead in, to promote tail gas emission reduction nationwide. The implementation of countermeasures.
In addition to the emission standards, the required fuel efficiency targets for the company will also increase by 40% over the current 20KM/L in 2020. Each car company must achieve an average fuel efficiency of the entire sales model. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the sales ratio of pure electric vehicles (EVs) and small cars with higher fuel efficiency.