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The harm caused by environmental pollution and the countermeasures taken

Environmental pollution mainly has the following aspects:

(1) Waste smoke, waste gas, waste water, waste residue and noise discharged from the factory;

(2) Waste smoke, exhaust gas, noise, dirty water, and garbage discharged from people's lives;

(3) Exhaust gases and noise emitted by vehicles (all fuel vehicles, ships, aircrafts, etc.);

(4) The water that flows out of farmland that is irrigated with large quantities of chemical substances such as fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides;

(5) Mine wastewater, waste residue;

(6) Machine noise, electromagnetic radiation, carbon dioxide pollution;

The main pollutants in the air are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate pollutants, and acid rain.

Take measures

In order to prevent environmental pollution, China has successively promulgated a series of laws such as the "Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution" and "Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Environmental Noise Pollution. In 1994, the Chinese government formulated an action guide for China’s environmental protection work in the future, “China’s Agenda 21”, stating that “the pursuit of economic growth through high consumption and the “pre-pollution aftertreatment” traditional model of development are no longer adaptable today and To meet the requirements of future development, we must endeavor to seek a sustainable development path where the population, economy, society, environment, and resources coordinate with each other and meet the needs of the contemporary people without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations." The relevant government departments have also done a lot of work in preventing and controlling environmental pollution. The departments such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Chemical Industry, the State Oceanic Administration, the State Council General Office, the Supreme People's Court, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection have all issued relevant laws and regulations. In order to do a good job of prevention and control of environmental pollution, each of our citizens must work hard to enhance environmental awareness: on the one hand, we must clearly understand that humans often cause pollution and damage to the ecological environment in the process of developing and using natural resources; on the other hand, Turn this understanding into practical actions of its own. Actively participate in various environmental protection activities with the attitude of “protecting the environment and everyone is responsible” and consciously cultivate the moral habit of protecting the environment. There are many measures for the prevention and control of environmental pollution, of which biological biology is closely related to the use of biological purification to eliminate environmental pollution and the development of green food.

Negative ions optimize the environment

1. Negative ions actively attack and purify air, completely subverting the passive adsorption purification method of ordinary air cleaners. Traditional air purifiers are fan exhausts. Filters are used to filter dust to purify the air. This is called passive adsorption filtration. It requires regular replacement of the filter, and the air purification area is limited, only to the small area near the air purifier. effective. Sinpeptide negative ion air purifier adopts the natural factor negative ion to take the initiative to attack. It uses the characteristics of dust removal, dust reduction, sterilization and detoxification of the negative ions to optimize the indoor air and make the whole room full of negative ions. 2, because the entire room is full of air anion known as "air vitamin", so the air-purifier SNP-anion has surpassed the simple purification function of ordinary air purifier, it is also known as air anion health device, Senko peptide Base provides not only clean air, but healthy air filled with negative ions. Sempikyl can make our indoor environment camps a healing space filled with anion baths, making it impossible for ordinary air purifiers.

3. The 2.5-micron (PM2.5) floatation that is invisible to the human eye in the air is the most harmful to the human body. He can enter the deep lungs and directly enter the alveoli. It enters directly when the blood flows through the lungs for gas exchange. Blood, as we all know, ordinary air purifier is unable to filter off a few nanometers of floating sink, and the SNP-based anion air purifier is different, the principle is that the released negative ions are attached to the floating sinking in the air, so that they combine to sink to the ground , so the smaller the float, the better the effect of negative ions.

4. Scientific research has found that negative oxygen ions can combine with positively charged particles such as bacteria, dust, smoke, etc., and coalesce into balls that fall to the ground. Thus, sterilization and odor elimination can be achieved (harmful release from cigarette smoke and decoration materials). The odor produced by the gas, etc.). When the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the indoor air reaches 20,000 per cubic centimeter, the amount of airborne dust will decrease by more than 98%. The smaller the fly ash diameter, the more susceptible to precipitation by negative oxygen ions. Therefore, in the air containing high concentrations of negative oxygen ions, dust, bacteria, and viruses with a diameter of 1 μm or less are almost zero.

Ecological anion effectively removes PM2.5

The optimization of negative ion to air quality is far superior to the traditional filter-type air purification mode in terms of principle, scope of application, and effect.

The US Environmental Protection Agency's EPA laboratory study found that there are three main methods for dust removal for air purification (dust removal):

1) Brownian Diffusion - The stronger the effect on smaller particles.

2) Interception - The larger the particles, the better the effect.

3) Negative Neutralization (-ion Neutralization) - The smaller the particles, the better the effect.

2. Many experts in the field of air environmental protection in the United Nations have confirmed that ecological negative ions (small particle anions) can actively capture small particles and make them aggregate and precipitate, effectively removing fine particles of air at 2.5 microns (PM2.5) and below. , Even 1 micron particles, thereby reducing the harm of PM2.5 on human health, the role of ecological negative ions on the purification of air is due to negative ions and air in the bacteria, dust, smoke and other positively charged particles combined, together Ball landing to eliminate PM2.5 hazards. Experiments have shown that the smaller the fly ash diameter, the easier it is to precipitate by negative ions.

3. The book “Application of Air Anions in Healthcare and Environmental Protection” prepared by the China Air Anion and Ozone Research Group expert group also mentioned several times: Light ions (small anion negative ions) in the air are as small as 0.01 micron. The particulate fly dust, which is difficult to remove industrially, has a 100% settlement removal effect.

4. The book “Environment, Health, and Negative Oxygen Ions,” written by experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and taught by professor Lin Jinming of Tsinghua University, has repeatedly stated that when the concentration of negative ions in indoor air reaches 20,000 per cubic centimeter, the air Fly dust will decrease by more than 98%. It has excellent effect on PM2.5 which can enter the lungs. Therefore, in the air containing high-concentration and small-particle-size anions, the dust, bacteria, and viruses with the diameter of 1 μm or less that are most harmful in PM2.5 are almost zero.

5. China National Institute for Disease Control and Prevention Environmental and Health-related Product Safety Test Report determined that air negative ion generators can effectively eliminate the hazards of lung particulates. Negative oxygen ion generators do not need filters without filters, but release negative ions. Removes small particles in the air, thereby significantly reducing the amount of PM2.5 harmful to the human body in air and bacteria and viruses on the particles. North American developed countries have long used negative ion technology to eliminate the harm caused by PM2.5 and achieved good results.

6. On December 27th, 2011, Dr. Asao Shinsaku of the Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Toho Medical University of Japan and Dr. Nakagawa Masaki of the University of Japan released the results of the study and confirmed that the ecological negative ion is an indoor environment response to PM2. 5 best practices.