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Chemicals for EOR Operations


Chemicals for EOR Operations


Designed for water shut-off (WSO), production profile control and polymer flooding


As oilfields approach late stage in production life cycle, watercut increases; result in a low recovery factor. Greatwin supplies polymers and

cross-linking agents for water-shut off, polymer flooding and pre-cross-linked swellable particles for production profile control operations.

Temperature resistant, saline resistant hydrophobically associated water soluble polymers (HAWP) are also available. We also have full

production line for alkali surfactant, composite foam flooding chemicals and corresponding polymers.


Polymer cross-linking agent

Available in organic Chromium(III) salt, active phenolic aldehyde, organic Aluminum salt and Zirconium salt
A gel particle that expands 5-20 times in volume upon contact with water while retaining original toughness and strength
Deforms and passes through rock pores under reservoir pressure


Pre cross-linked agent for production profile adjusting

Available in low-to-medium Temp. resistant and high Temp. resistant
Displaces crude oil to producing wellbore; plug and alter water injecting profile
Ideal for tertiary recovery operation for high water cut and ultra-high water cut oilfields

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