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Products detail

OST326 Series


Pre flocculation


Oilsand Tailings

Designed for oilsand tailings flocculation and dewatering

  OST326 Series  

OST326 Series is a high molar weight copolymer with partially branched chains. In addition to electric charge neutralization, OST326 Series has

higher trapping and sweeping efficiency for suspended micro particles.

Ideal for high solid content MFT (30% to 45%), dosage at 300-800ppm
Ideal for water and heat recycle during oilsand extraction, dosage at 50-500 ppm
As friction reducer, dosage at 100-200 ppm
As disperser, dosage at 50-200ppm


Post flocculation

  OST445 Series   

OST445 Series is a zwitterionic flocculating agent. With built-in saline resistant, temperature-resistant and hydrophobic groups, it provides enhanced flocculation to micro clay particles and colloids at increased dewatering rate.

Ideal for CO2 treated MFT, dosage at 400- 1000ppm
Enhanced dewatering
Temperature and saline resistant – stable up to 80 Celsius degree (176 Fahrenheit)
Firm attraction to the fine particles and clay contents in tailings, providing increased long-term stability of flocculates

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