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Fracking flowback treatment


Fracking flowback treatment

Designed for the demulsification of fracking flowback fluids


  YL116 and YC235 Series  


High Temp. demulsifying flocculant YL116 Series and normal Temp. demulsifying flocculant YC235 Series are specialty chemicals for the treatment of fracking flowback fluids. At a reduced cost and a reduced dosage need (300-1000ppm), the recycling of fracking water and the environmental sustainability of fracking operation now become feasible.

Built-in with both anionic and cationic function groups, ideal for simultaneous sedimentation of organic and inorganic suspensions
Adaptive to a wide range of PH
Ideal for sludge with high organic contents and situations where other flocculants have poor performance
Can be used in conjunction with metal coagulants to increase dewatering, demulsifying or dephosphorizing rate


Pre flocculation

Post flocculation

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